Please see below for a general summary of the services we offer. If you want to know more detail click the links below, or feel free to contact us for more information [email protected]

Road Tanker  CollectionBulk Haulage & Tanker Collection

We possess a road tanker to facilitate the collection of bulk products. It is readily available at competitive rates. We can accommodate a number of qualities and quantities on one load. Read more about our tanker collection.

Beer processingBeer Processing

With recent investment to update buildings and processing equipment we have extra capacity to process rough beer in preparation for bottling. Click here for more about our beer processing.

contract  bottlingContract Bottling

Our flexible bottling line allows us to pack into a number of bottle sizes and pack formats. We have three labelling options to choose from including wet glue, self adhesive front, back and neck and 3/4 wrap. Read more about our contract bottling.


Warehouse storage facilityWarehouse Storage

Large storage facilities to hold your finished production until you have the need to call off. Click here for more details about our warehouse storage.