Holden’s team upskills ready for new canning line

In preparation for the installation of our new canning line, members of the team attended a 2-day training session at BW Packaging in Nottingham.

Holden’s Bottling have recently expanded our range of services with the purchase and installation of a new Pneumatic Scale Angelus counterpressure canning machine.

The introduction of a canning line will enable us to significantly expand our offering and meet the ever-increasing demand for canned products such as hard-seltzers, soft drinks, no and low alcohol beverages, and beers and ciders.

The Holden’s Bottling team attended a bespoke Double Seam Appreciation training program tailored the needs of Holden’s and our customers at the state-of-the-art BW Packaging training facility in Nottingham.

The integrity of double seam is crucially important to the entire production process of metal cans. Any double seam defects can adversely affect the quality and safety of canned beverages.

Holden’s Attendees

David Porter (Operations Manager)

Paul Johnson (Engineering Manager)

Beth Wilkins (Lab/Quality Manager)

Andy Rushton (Production Team Leader)

Ben Hughes (Shift Engineer)

BW Packaging Training Team

Dan Davies

Steve Lauder

Richard Goode

The 2-day course was a good mix of theory and practical providing the Holden’s team with an understanding of;

  • Double Seaming from it’s basic components, Cans & Ends.
  • The Double Seaming process
  • Seam Checking
  • Seam Assessment
  • Seam Analysis
  • Fault Finding

BW Packaging provided real working practical sessions where the team were able to get “hands on”, adjusting machines, replicating faults and using industry standard instruments to check can seam integrity.

The training team provided in-depth knowledge and challenged the Holden’s team throughout the 2 days to facilitate our learning on this subject.

For more information or new business enquiries for our canning line please feel free to contact us.