Factory Revamp near completion

20th July 2010

Following our decision this year to modernise our conveyor and labelling systems we are pleased to announce we are nearly there and hope to complete in the next few weeks. Our KOSME labeller and conveyor systems are now installed and we hope to be running within a month.


New website launched!

15th June 2010
New website launched!

We have entered a new era, first website created for the company, developed with local website design company GetSited, we want the website to act as an information portal for brewers and companies with packaging demands we can meet.

Business development partnership: Backpass football magazine.

14th June 2010
Business development partnership: Backpass football magazine.

We have entered a partnership with Backpass, a retro football magazine, based nearby in Knighton, Herefordshire. We feel that the partnership is a good promotion of both local businesses.

World Cup Beers are launched

1st June 2010
World Cup Beers are launched

We have launched three beers to celebrate the world cup in conjunction with Backpass. Limited Edition to 1000 bottles of each they are Hat-trick Hero, Goalden Wonder and England’s Finest.

See products for more details.

Holden's in SIBA magazine

31st May 2010
Holden's in SIBA magazine

Article from SIBA magazine: Spring 2010

With the recent major upsurge in consumer interest for beer in bottle, it is now an increasingly important part of sales strategy of many SIBA brewing members looking to get their brands to markets. Several have geared up for the demand by investing in their own bottling plant. But what of those who don't have the financial resources to make such a move? Moreover, what if they can't justify the minimum bulk quantities required by the larger third-party bottling companies.

Their salvation could well be Edwin Holden's Bottling Company Ltd, situated along with its sister company, Holden's Brewery Ltd, in the heart of the 'Black Country' to the West of Birmingham, and just ten minutes or so from both the M5 and M6 motorway.

This long-established family firm has been putting beer into bottle since the Second World War, and unlike many of its contemporaries, can acommodate orders for as little as ten barrels at a time - ideal for a small brewery looking to dip its toe into the water.

Recent investment in equipment and buildings has geared the company up for the 21st Century marketplace, and managing director Jonothan Holden - the fifth generation of his family to be involved with the business - is proud of the service that the company continues to offer its customers, which he believes compares more favourably with the 'bigger boys'.

Bottle packagingOur lines are flexible and we can accomodate a number of bottle sizes and final packaging options. We currently offer 2 labelling solutions, traditional wet glue labelling and a self adhesive wrap round option. Additionally to this, following a recent investment we are commissioning a three station self adhesive labelling machine which will be up and running in June, providing the brewer with a diverse choice of labelling options.

Most of Holden's throughput is tunnel pasteurised but Jonothan stresses that any requirement for a bottle-conditioned product may be accomodated, subject to certain factors being taken into account.

Typical turnaround time would be between two to three weeks, which allows sufficient time for the beer to be cold stored prior to filtering.

After that, its delivery back to the customer or, as National Sales Manager Steve Bainbridge points out, they can take advantage of Holden's storage and call-off facilities.

"We offer storage and distribution at lower than the normal industy rates," he says. "Several of our customers with limited space find this to be a real benefit."

The company has built up an impressive customer base amongst SIBA members, and can list Moorhouse's, Eccleshall, Derby, and Daleside amongst its many satisfied clients.

State of the art bottle labelling

1st April 2010
State of the art bottle labelling

With recent investment, we now have new machinery offering three different types of labelling.