Bulk Haulage and Tanker Collection

Tanker Collection

Bulk liquid haulage, service available for non Holden's customers.

For large volume production runs we possess two flexible road tankers, one with a capacity of 60 barrels (across 4 compartments), the second is a 150 barrel tanker (across 3 compartements)

For a breakdown of the volumes and quantities we can transport see the matrix below, or call for more details.

We have our own internal haulage so we don’t incur the substantial costs of third parties. This service is readily available to suit your brewing schedule.

Are these quantities too big? Why not transport your product to us in IBC container?




Road Tanker Capacity
Tanker Compartments15 Barrels20 Barrels30 Barrels35 Barrels45 Barrels50 Barrels60 Barrels
15 Barrels Yes       Yes   Yes
15 Barrels       Yes     Yes
20 Barrels   Yes   Yes   Yes Yes
20 Barrels     Yes   Yes Yes Yes

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