Contract Bottling Services

We package multiple liquids – including beer, soft drinks, RTDs and cider. Our flexible bottling line can run at speeds of up to 14,000 bottles per hour. The majority of our work goes into 500ml tray and shrink, but we aim to accommodate all your packaging requirements whether this is bottle size, label preference or final packaging format, we will undertake all production runs on volumes of 12 barrels (2000L) and above

All of our packaged products are tunnel pasteurised and carbonated as determined by customer recipe and specifications.

We believe in providing you with a quality finished product, which is why we possess three labelling facilities to give you a large and diverse choice in the way your product is finished.

Currently our three main labelling options are:

  • Self-adhesive labelling – with options for front, back and neck format (if all are required)
  • Self-adhesive labelling – wraparound label format
  • Wet Glue labelling – with options for front, back and neck format (if all are required)

Quality & Laboratory Capabilities

  • Site is SALSA approved from February 2014
  • Morrisons Local Solutions Approved
  • 3 Full-time Lab & Quality Technicians
  • Members of BAPS & ILCS Proficiency Schemes
  • All equipment internally and externally calibrated
  • Extensive set of Food Safety & Quality systems and checks from Intake through to Despatch (Underpinned by an extensive HACCP study)
  • Daily Quality Panel – Finished Products
  • Retention Samples (Start & End of every batch)

Current Bottling Capabilities

  • Carbonated or still Beer, Cider or Soft Drinks
  • Receive beer and cider rough or bright
  • Production runs from 2000L / 12 brls
  • Combination of Bottle sizes, including: 200ml, 250ml, 275ml, 330ml, 350ml, 500ml & 750ml.
  • Crown or ROPP options
  • Pack Sizes (dependant on bottle) 24, 12, 8, 6 pack
  • Tray & Film
  • All product is in bottle pasteurised

If a bottle size or pack format is not listed below, please contact us with your enquiry and preference and we will see what we can do for you.

Bottle SizesWet Glue
(Front, Back, Neck)
Self Adhesive
Wraparound & Neck Label
Self Adhesive
(Front, Back and neck)
275mlY FBN
Label Types and Formats
Bottle Sizes4 pack6 pack
Multi Packer Formats (Cluster Pack) – Neck Through Formats – Minimum Run Size 5,000L (30 brls)
Bottle Sizes24 Pack12 Pack8 Pack6 Pack
Final Packaging Machine (Sizes + Formats)

Each product size can be packed in a tray only or wrap around carton.

The Bottling Hall

  • Up to 14,000bph
  • Carbonation Techniques 6000l/hr Carbonator
  • Semi Automatic Depal
  • KOSME Rinser, Filler & Crowner
  • Arol ROPP Capper
  • Comac Pasteuriser (36sq/meter)
  • KOSME self adhesive
  • Krones wet glue machine
  • Mapex level detection & reject system
  • Robopac Prasmatic Packer – tray and shrink
  • Print and apply barcode
  • Robopac auto palletiser and wrapper

Bottling – Technical Information

  • Operated within a documented QMS System
  • Carbonation range – 0.0 – 4.4 volumes
  • DO2 control throughout process
  • Weights & Measures – 3 Packer’s rule applied to every run
  • PU range 15-1000 (depending on product)
  • Product forwards and backwards traceability
  • All machines calibrated and serviced
  • Process records kept for duration of shelf life
Finished bottles on the Holden's Bottling production line

A pleasure to deal with, great service, effortless and always very accommodating to our requirements

Celtic Marches, Award-winning craft cider from Herefordshire