Holden’s Bottling committed to supporting industry quality standards

As proud members of The Inter-Laboratory Collaborative Scheme (ILCS), Holden’s Bottling are committed to the highest standards of laboratory operations and quality control.

What is ILCS?

ILCS consists of laboratory staff from about 45 breweries, cider makers and packaging companies.

Membership is restricted to staff from companies with analytical laboratories, and the group meets twice per year to discuss issues of mutual benefit.

Each month one member of the group sends 4 bottles or cans of beer to other participants for proficiency testing. 

This month (May), it’s our turn to send out the samples using Holden’s Black Country Special. 

Members of the group do this according to the rota and samples are provided free of charge. Participants analyse the samples using their usual methods and give feedback to the group. 

More about Proficiency Testing

Proficiency testing enables participants to compare their analytical results with others in the scheme, improve analyses as needed, highlight changes in performance over time and provide training for laboratory staff.

It also provide evidence of the quality of their analytical results internally, to customers and auditors.

The results are sent to the scheme organiser who prepares a report comparing performance of each participant; this is confidential and participating laboratories are identified by a code only.

Other Knowledge Share Items

Food Safety Standards

Members exchange information on compliance with the different standards that they are obliged to have, such as BRC Global Standard Food, FEMAS and SALSA.

Bulk Purchasing

By identifying key consumables used by group members it is possible to negotiate better discounts with suppliers.

Surplus Equipment

Members of the group offer surplus laboratory equipment to other members.

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